Lumberg Automation™ Lean Initiatives

Achieving lean and green production efficiencies

We manufacture exclusively on customer demand, we only expend material and energy on products which are needed. Moreover, the Lumberg Automation™ lean approach to production drives us to identify waste and find new and more efficient processes for the future.


By strictly applying our continuous lean improvement process, we reduce material and energy consumption to a minimum, meeting high standards of green production.

New initiatives

Lumberg Automation™ operates a number of waste reduction programs and recycles 100% of the remaining scrap in production. We optimize and maximize the use of machinery.


Using returnable packaging materials, we pack multiple orders for the same customer together, thus saving material.

Most of our suppliers are ISO 14001 certified and 80% of our direct components suppliers are located close to our plant so we are able to reduce the energy consumption for transportation.