Quality and Security


Lumberg Automation™ products are developed to meet the demands of almost any work environment. Functionality and reliability are characteristic features of Lumberg Automation™ products.

Standard tests include chemical stability tests for oils, coolants and lubricants as well as cleaning and disinfecting agents. In addition, mechanical tests such as shock and vibration tests, temperature shock and climate tests, and electrical and EMC tests are carried out.


Absolutely Reliable

The newly developed products are subjected to thorough testing. To do this, Belden maintains and extensive, modern development laboratory, complete with equipment for developmental, quality and compliance testing.

For customized inspections and testing, the company works with a network of laboratories that are fully accredited with the DIN/EN/ISO/IEC 17025 norm.

  • Chemical stability tests as well as tests of impermeability to water and dust, up to IP 69 K
  • Alternating bending tests and thermography