LioN-Power IO-Link Master with S2-Redundancy PROFINET

Belden is laying the groundwork for IP67 applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

“In applications in the pharmaceutical industry, continuity and reliability are important core requirements of the systems. We would like to meet these requirements with the latest feature of the IO-Link master, the S2 redundancy, "says Artjom Bil, Product Manager at Belden." The further developments of the LioN-Power IO-Link master ensure high availability of your systems. In this way, we lay a calculatory basis for your machine downtime and thus prepare the foundation for a successful investment. "

LioN-Power IO-Link Master with S2-Redundancy PROFINET.

The extension of the LioN-Power product portfolio includes:

The IO-Link system from Lumberg Automation has been expanded to include the LioN-Power IO-Link Master with the redundancy protocol S2. With this feature Belden enables a redundant structure of your systems in order to prevent machine downtime.
S2 redundancy is a redundancy protocol from PROFINET that enables multiple communication relationships between an IO device and one or two controllers (PLC). It does not matter whether and which redundancy protocols such as MRP, HSR, PRP... are used paralerly in the network. The S2 redundancy counteracts the physical interruption of communication between the IO field and the control level.
The functionality is essentially defined by several communication relationships with the higher-level control units.


  • Ensuring the production process by maximizing machine availability with NEW S2 redundancy feature within LioN-Power IO-Link Master.]
  • Consider ecological aspects within your application design]
  • Less risk for wasting of material by reducing production stop]
  • Stable quality, machine output and delivery time of consumer goods applications]
  • Low downtime minimize Investment Risk]

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LioN-Power IO-Link System - Video

IO Link Video

The LioN-Power IO-Link System video will help you to discover the product features to ensure a reliable data transmission within your networks.

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New Software Available

LioN Management Suite KV

Designed to discover all I/O modules if the LioN-Power I/O Modules in a Local Area Network including a firmware upgrade function across multiple devices at the same time. The free of charge software is available in the download section of all individual LioN-Power I/O modules at or via our Helpdesk Portal.