Reliable connection of sensors and actuators in harsh environments

Belden presents new ruggedized LioN-R modules for PROFIBUS from its Lumberg Automation™ product range

The extremely robust LioN-R modules allow the reliable connection of actuators and sensors to controllers via PROFIBUS-DP. The fully enclosed metal housing can withstand mechanical stress as well as welding sparks and filings, aggressive coolants and lubricants.


LioN-R PROFIBUS I/O Modules from Lumberg Automation™

Functional reliability is assured through galvanic isolation between sensors and actuators and the higher-level bus system, as well as through short-circuit proof outputs, which maximize the productivity of systems. Based on a simple diagnostic concept, faults can also be located quickly due to precise channel and bus diagnosis.

  • Due to their extremely robust design, the I/O modules can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions
  • Optimal electrical reliability and channel based diagnostics guarantee maximum machine uptime. The simple diagnostic concept saves time when locating faults, reducing operating costs as a result
  • Standardized M12 connection technology allows economical and future-proof installations
  • PNO and UL certification, as well as national and international approvals
  • Extremely compact design (thanks to embedded ports) for space-saving installations
  • Protection class IP 67
  • The LioN-R modules are designed primarily for use in mechanical engineering.
  • Typical applications include metal processing, material handling, welding and food and beverage machinery.
  • Because the modules ensure high productivity, they offer system manufacturers a competitive edge.

The LioN-R I/O modules for PROFIBUS come in three versions:

  • with 16 digital input (DI) channels
  • with 16 digital output (DO) channels
  • with a combination of 8 DI and 8 DO channels

The optimized slot arrangement makes them easy to use, even with T distributors for power, bus communication and I/Os.

All variants satisfy the requirements of ingress protection (IP) class IP67 with an operating temperature range of -10°C to +60°C. The I/O modules are certified by the PROFIBUS User Organization (PNO) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).


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